Weathered Hearts is available now! 

4 Gun Ridge release Weathered Hearts on February 11th.  Our third record is out now and can be found on CD Baby, itunes, and soon just about anywhere online (including Amazon).  Of course, the best place to get one is at a 4GR show.  Grab one soon.

4GR has been busy 

Haven't posted in awhile but we have been busy.  After spending most of the winter and spring as a 3 piece mostly acoustic version of 4GR, we're back in action as a full band.  Longtime friend Ed Young has joined us on drums and the fire is back.  We've played some great shows, parties, etc... this summer and we're looking forward to some more.  See you soon!

The 4GR Hudson Valley Acoustic Tour continues 

If you've checked out 4 Gun Ridge lately you've probably noticed that we've been operating as a 3 piece acoustic unit.  We're hoping to have some announcements about that in the near future.  Until then, we are going to continue enjoying the trimmed down 4GR.  We've played some great acoustic gigs recently including Keegan Ales in Kingston and a great night at Nu-Cavu in Gardiner.  While in the "3GR" format we've been able to work on and play out several new songs.   Good stuff from the softer side of…

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Warwick Valley Winery Today 

4GR is playing the Warwick Valley Winery today.  Tucked away in Pine Island, NY this beautiful place is one of our favorite places to play.  We've done a bunch of summer and fall outdoor shows at the WVW but this will be the first indoor winter event.  We're playing from 2-5 so come on out for some wine and 4GR.  We'll probably do about 3 sets of music so everything goes song wise!  We're playing everything today.   See you soon.



Some new songs are in the works. 

WEB EXCLUSIVE!!  Yup...  2GR (Don and Ian) met up on Saturday to work on some new material.  We posted a sneak peek on the Audio page of Abilene.  It's just acoustics and vox from around the dining room table.  The sound isn't bad.  The recording features a killer cell phone solo!  Dang phone...   You can listen to Abilene online and download it for a limited time. Look for the finished full band version of Abilene and a few others at a show near you.  Dig it!  


4 Gun Ridge is back an action this Friday…

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Upcoming Shows